What do we do?

We make personal finance simple.

All of our services are centered around helping our users save and invest money in as many profitable ways as possible. We do this by presenting our users with a beautiful and easy to use platform which tracks their savings goals and suggests methods by which they can generate passive income without ever having to leave the ecosystem. 

How do we do it?

By tracking savings goals and suggesting ways to meet them.

Our users can set savings goals and then use the numerous earnings oppertunities availible to them on the site. Some of those earnings oppertunities can be found below.

Connect Capital - Invest in Connect Capital and let us take care of the technicalities and skills required to execute succesful trades on the Financial Markets.

Savings Vault - Make once off or automatic recurring payments every day, week or month , Round up the transactions you make and store the spare change into your secure savings vault.

Lending - Lend money securely to those who require it in exchange for interest payments. All aspects of the loan are controlled by you including the term length, interest, installments etc. Alternatively you can become a borrower and make use of a flexible and affordable source of finance.

Trading - Test your luck and strategies on the Financial Markets using our beautiful and easy to use interface. Trade the Universal Connect Token (UCT), a community run tradeable cryptocurrency index fund. As the cryptocurrency markets increase in price, so will your UCT.

Why do we do it?

We want you to live your dream life.

We strongly believe that every person should be able to live their dream life for every day of their life. We developed Connect Finance as a way to remove some of the financial barriers inhibitting our community from exploring, learning and living their lives.