Connect Finance

Helping you get where you want to be in life.


Community Update

Connect Finance is now even more focused on getting you to where you want to be in life. We have completely redeveloped our business model to better cater to the needs of our ever growing community. The focus is now on generating as many streams of passive income for our users as we can, while also maintaining Connect Finance as a beautiful and easy to use platform.

The "rounds" system has been removed and replaced with Connect Capital. Savings, Lending and Trading accounts have been added. Transaction fees have been reduced significantly so you can retain more of your earnings on Connect. Your new Savings Vault can be used to accumulate wealth through capital plus interest, to help you reach your savings goals and fulfill your life's dreams.

Try your luck and strategies on the Financial Markets using our new proprietary Cryptocurrency index token, build a referrals network or lend money to borrowers in exchange for interest by using Connect Lend. There are numerous earnings opportunities available to you, no matter who you are.


Connect Capital

Let us do the trading for you. Simply invest into Connect Capital and watch your balance grow.


Savings Vault

Saving up for that new car, holiday or simply accumulating wealth for a rainy day? Savings Vault makes saving easy by being focussed on helping you achieve your savings goals. Round up spare change on each transaction and store it in your Savings Vault, make once off or recurring payments or take our a flexible and affordable loan with Connect Credit. Every step you take brings you closer to meeting your goal.



Do you have spare money and don't have any immediate plans for it? Why not lend it securely using your Lending Wallet? You can generate a Lending Contract using our simple to use interface and wait for a user to borrow it.



Want more control over your money? Test your luck and strategies using our super simple trading platform combined with the Universal Connect Token (UCT) as a great introduction to the Financial Markets.